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Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Step Closer to Headphone Bliss

Last August I got all excited about headphones and wanted to find out "what makes a good headphone" by the measurements.  I found out that things aren't simple.  You can read that little into here.

My first measurement rig was fairly rudimentary.  I've managed to cobble something a bit more sophisticated together now, but it still has its issues.  None the less I got my headphones out and a couple borrowed from friend and made some measurements.

I certainly plan on doing more of these in the future after I make further improvements to the measuring rig.  Messing around with REWs "EQ" feature is enlightening combines with Accudio's EQ app.  Any multiband parametric EQ should be able to get you to bliss with your current cans if you take the measurements the way I did here.  Most enlightening...

Just to add the Mad Dog by Mr. speakers:

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