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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beyerdynamic DT990 600 Ohm

I've always like this set of cans, but they can also sound pretty bright at times.  After measuring these several times, this is what I came up with--the smiley face sound that many people talk about with these cans.  Everyone who has worn these knows they are comfortable, spacious, and are well made.  The 600Ohm version really doesn't get loud enough of off an iPod in general though it's usable.  An amp will make it rock.  This is what my graph shows: 
Here's how the 32Ohm version measured at Goldenears.net:
Headroom measured pretty much the same thing from the 600 and 250 Ohm versions:

You can see they apply some degree of smoothing.
I'm feeling a bit more confident in my measurement rig and procedure now :)

My subjective 'flat' EQ made with Accudio:
Looks a lot like the Mad Dog settings:
And now the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro setting:

The filter set looks like this:
filter 1:  690Hz     Gain  5dB  Bandwidth 1.02oct.
filter 2:  2737Hz   Gain  3dB  Bandwidth 0.84oct.
filter 3:  3750Hz   Gain -2dB  Bandwidth 4.06oct.
filter 4:  4525Hz   Gain  5dB  Bandwidth 0.37oct.
filter 5:  7294Hz   Gain -6dB  Bandwidth 0.51oct.
filter 6:  8977Hz   Gain -6dB  Bandwidth 0.28oct.
filter 7:  13300Hz Gain -5dB  Bandwidth 0.48oct.


  1. I like your settings, trying them since yesterday, nice, thank you! Though I didn't lower high frequences so much, otherwise sound felt a little bit "too warm" for me.

  2. You're welcome and actually I'd totally agree with you. I should update these curves now that I've had a chance to figure how a headphone should measure. It's far more straight forward to do with measurements than with listening.