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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Very cool little speaker!  I haven't had a chance to measure these again, so I just removed the cal files from the measurements.  In other words, this was done with an Earthworks measurement microphone without the calibration.  The mic is still very flat but has a 1dB bump above 1.5kHz to about 28kHz with a parabolic arch.

The little dip at 1.3kHz is present in both speakers and I'm not sure of the cause.  It may be the ports or something inherent in the midrange cone(or who knows?).  I haven't tried to test it.  Under quasi-anechoic conditions, it's narrower than presented here.

It's the ports: A5X mod

The coolest thing about this speaker is that both units measure identical(well nearly so--a fraction of a dB off at 12kHz) and neither have amplifiers that vibrate when running the sine wave sweep.  These are the first speakers with amplifiers attached that don't audibly vibrate when running my sweeps.  The Mackie HR624mk2 and Behringer 1030A have been the worst offenders in that regard.  The Mackie's vibration is audible while listening to music where the Behringer's was not.  Their impulse is clean and compact as is their spectrogram--completely uninteresting.

The bass measurements suggest that ADAM is a bit conservative with their specs.  That's a welcome relief.

Their vertical polar is similar to Behringer speakers with a fairly broad lobe aimed in the direction of the tweeter.