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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Behringer B2031P Horizontal Polar Response

I Just wanted to post these graphs for Home Theater, Home Audio, or Home Recording enthusiast. The Behringer B2031P is a cheap studio monitor that actually measures fairly well in the acoustic domain. Check it out. I've measured 5 of these and all are respectable.
To the left is the horizontal polar response graphs in 11.25 degree steps from the 0 axis to the 90 degree. None of the top five graphs have any smoothing applied and thus may look a little rough in the treble. So I added the 6th graph to the bottom of the page with 1/3 octave smoothing applied which is how many graphs for loudspeakers are shown. Of course you'll rarely see any more than one axis shown on a loudspeaker's published graph and as Dr. Earl Geddes would say, "there are reasons for that."
Look here for simple performance improvements.