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Saturday, May 25, 2013

German Maestro GMP400

Loved these cans from the get go.  They have a fairly balance yet warm and revealing/spacious sound right out of the box and they are extremely comfortable.  When I first got the measurement rig working, fairly accurate, and repeatable, I put these up to see what was really going on.
 The frequency response is pretty uneven with 5 dB swings and one very deep notch around 1.8 kHz.  I really didn't want try to EQ this one.  It would require too many filters.  Anyway, I got fiddling with it today and changed every pad I could, turned it into the sealed version (or into a sealed version I suppose), changed the internal damping material, etc...  Eventually I was able to come up with something interesting.

Considerably smoother and consistent response!  IOW, this can now be EQed if I desire.  The best part about this is really the apparent size of the soundstage.  This is now the definition of envelopment!  The down side is an amp is mandatory, but fortunately I have one of those.  What I ended up doing is removing all the damping material out of the cup and adding 6 thin layers of 2"X2" gauze cut into circles.  I'll probably tweak it a little yet, but I am really pleased with the benefits.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll make an EQ setting for this, but the sound of it is fairly neutral now.

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