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Monday, August 1, 2011

Infinity Primus 363

These are too near field to accurately represent performance.

I gotta say I love this speaker.  As far as I'm concerned this is the all time budget king.  It's clean, loud and tonally accurate with a spacious sound.  I'm still trying to convince myself the Classia is better, but they each have their strengths.  I'm betting the Classia would withstand more high volume abuse, but that's not anything I'll likely test adequately.  The only other speakers I've measured/listened to that I like more than these is the Mackie HR624mk2 and the JBL LSR2325.  Too bad the Mackie/JBL don't interact with the room nearly as well as these do in the low end.  These things eat the Mackie/JBL alive below 300Hz in my 2 listening room as do the Classia.  Maybe this is just my rooms and possible placements, but I think this is just where floor-standers have an advantage.  Above 300Hz both the Mackie and JBL seem more neutral and less flattering than these Infinity, but any of the 4 of them I could be happy with for casual listening above the room controlled zone.  Makes me want to stick a crossover and a stack of woofers under those stand-mounted, bookshelf speakers.


  1. These are just $99 on Amazon now !!!
    So sad they can't be used for nearfield :(

  2. That is an amazing deal! Makes me want to get an extra pair. They are almost giving the away.

  3. Even an all 5 channel 363s will be under $500 ! :)