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Sunday, January 9, 2011


This one was returned to the store previously.  It had no manual, no wrapping, and a crinkle in the tweeter dome.

More of my standards.  Self explanatory at this point.  The second one of the pair looks better:
It was new.


  1. Hey Dan,

    Stumbled across this via Google. I'm rocking the LSR2325s too. They're connected to my PC via an Audinst external DAC. Just curious what sort of equalizer settings you've settled for.

  2. All are set to flat at present and I'm sitting about 4 ft away. They could use a little bass extension left on their own, but with subs......... certainly nothing to complain about.

  3. Yep, that's what I did too. For gaming and movies I hit the switch on the back to +2 for bass. Music and everything else, I leave it at zero.

    I experimented with plugging the rear ports with an old sock; the bass got a bit tighter but overall excursion was weaker. I'm curious to pair these with the LSR subwoofer.

  4. I'd bet those are decent subs for the money. I have a friend with one and their room correction device and he's happy with it. I personally wouldn't limit my options and I'd do a lot of research.

  5. Hey again, Dan. I finally snagged the matching LSR2310SP sub. It is indeed an excellent fit for the speakers both aesthetically and from a performance standpoint.

    It's a real monster -- big and heavy, and probably way overpowered. I've had to dial the level knob down pretty far.

    Also added Sorbothane isolation pads beneath the monitors to prevent any weird reverb into the wood desk top. Fortunately the sub sits on carpet with a concrete subfloor.

  6. I would do a multi-sub approach. In fact I have. ;)