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Friday, May 3, 2013

Mad Dog Headphones

Well here's another product that I'm enthusiastic about.  My measurement rig is still pretty rough, but to my ears, This pretty much gets it right.  I can hear where some people may think it's a bit dark, but overall this is easily the best headphone I have heard.  I like the other cans I've measured, but this one provokes no fatigue at all.  Here's what I got on my modest rig:

Just for a reference, this is how Mr. Speakers has the Mad Dog vs. the Audeze LCD2:
My measurements don't look too far off.  That's encouraging.  Audeze's own graphs look similar as well.

Inner Fidelity's measurements also match:
The older version of the Mad Dog:
JUST FOUND!  The newer version of the Mad Dog measured by Inner Fidelity:

You can find those by clicking THIS.

In order to make it subjectively flat to me, I decided to do a little EQ work.  What I found using REW's EQ function and the Accudio App that I could make a 1 band parametric filter at 2685Hz and boost it 5dB with a Bandwidth of 1.29, the 'dark' sound quality was alleviated.  This is just my first attempt at this for these headphones based on my measurements as well as Mr' Speakers.  The result looks like this:

An updated version of this filter to get the treble balance better:
filter 1:  2685Hz  Gain 5dB  Bandwidth 1.29
filter 2:  5800Hz  Gain -4dB Bandwidth 0.15
filter 3:  8000Hz  Gain 7dB  Bandwidth 0.33

New response:

You'll loose 2dB more of output by doing this.  So off of your iPod it may not be a good idea.  If you have an amp, You'll probably not notice.

The best part of this kit is it doesn't sound like you have cups on your ears like so many sealed cans do.  I attribute this to extensive damping inside the cups, but I really don't know.  Whatever the cause, I like the outcome a lot.

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