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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The KRK Rokit 6

Standard measurements here on the popular Rokit 6.  I was listening to its larger brother in the store today and heard an issue in the MR.  Perhaps it's an inherited trait.  It's not as noticeable in this version while listening in the living room.  The response is extremely broad and it makes it tough to get a clean measurement at home so I won't go into the time domain stuff.  The treble does sound very smooth and a lot like the Behringer 1030A from memory but a bit less revealing.  Another thing of note is that the vertical polar lobe is aimed a few degrees toward the woofer and it is again very broad at over 30 degree of flat measurements.  I'd like to stuff these ports as well.  The impulse has 2 broad humps that makes me think that's what I'm hearing in the bass.  None the less, I'm not going to mess with them as these aren't mine.

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