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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jawbone Jambox

You see this little device reviewed on several sites around the web and it seems to get a lot of favorable impressions.  I had access to one for a few days and well, I had to see what this little thing could really do.  Let me just say that this is not a great sounding stereo.  It's not capable of the output anyone would reasonably want for great stereo.  That said, it's not horrible and can fit in your hand easily like a juicebox and puts out enough noise for near field listening.  It also has crosstalk cancellation in its circuitry that can be turned off and on by holding the + and - volume buttons down simultaneously for a few seconds.  That's a pretty cool feature!  The depth of field this juicebox can project is mighty provided you are fairly close to it(within a meter or so).  It unfortunately emits some electronic noise--which is a pretty common complaint it seems.  That's the biggest letdown of this device to me.

Putting it on a table, it sounds pretty weak in the low end, but certainly acceptable when on the floor.

Let's have a look at what the measurements say:
 This works out pretty well if you are reading on the floor or playing a video game.  The video games using binaural processing would be really cool.  The depth of sound field and envelopment is fun to say the least.

What if you city doesn't allow you to wear headphones while on your bicycle?  The awesome depth/envelopment made me question what this might sound like from my handlebars.  he he he....  Definitely too bright/thin, but with a little EQ, certainly acceptable if a little quiet overall:
Filters for Accudio look like this:
Filter 1:     20Hz   Gain -15dB  Bandwidth 1.47oct
Filter 2:     33Hz   Gain   -8dB  Bandwidth 1.00oct
Filter 3:     50Hz   Gain -12dB  Bandwidth 0.87oct
Filter 4: 1809Hz   Gain   -2dB  Bandwidth 0.24oct
Filter 5: 3522Hz   Gain   -4dB  Bandwidth 1.36oct

The three bass filter are there just to provide better power handling.  They really don't make any noticeable difference in the sound.

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