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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dry (fast) Bass...

After reading this:  http://mehlau.net/audio/dual_nearfield_sub/ I wanted to try some nearfield subwoofing myself.  In my previous multisub bass experiment, I was able to smooth out my bass response by using five subs in a somewhat random fashion.  Well one of those subs died on me(the fifth one added) during some hardcore Willy Nelson listening.  So I had to change the set up and I came across Mr. Mehlau's experiment.  It was interesting to me that the fourth and fifth sub added were the closest to the listening position--right behind the couch.  It was suggested that I should see what the fifth sub's response was, so in this experiment, I decided to use three subs directly behind my couch.  

I had just purchased a Marantz HT pre that has Audyssey MultEQXT and I wanted to see if I could duplicate Mr. Mehlau's success with it.  Note that he has the upgraded '32' version of Audyssey.

Okay, enough talk.

 Frequency wise, the 5 sub set up was a significant improvement:
The time domain would slightly favor the nearfield subs in general:

Note the absolute level below 50Hz 

Inevitably I'm going to be asked which "sounds better"?  Well, I hate to disappoint, but the frequency graph says it all.  I don't hear any difference in the bass 'speed'. All I hear is less deep bass.  That said, if I could have it all (deep, flat, and dry bass) I would just to make sure I have the best possible.  I think this also shows a good argument for the '32' version of Audyssey.  Maybe I'm wrong however, but all of Mr. Mehlau's responses look better than mine.

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