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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product Review: Samson C01 microphone

- Sound quality: This mic is not too bad sounding really. People describe as the poor man's U87, but I have my doubts! Of the 3 LDCs I've used, this is easily the worst but still a usable mic. It has the most noise of the three by quite a margin and the smallest frequency range to my ear with the raspiest treble end. It's not as bad as this review makes it sound though. Compared to my PR20, this seemed like a step towards higher fidelity.

- Reliability / Durability: It feels okay, but nothing to write home about. Not too much cheaper feeling than the NT1-A to be honest. It's cheap enough to be easily replaced.

- Would you buy this again if it were stolen?: No. Having the NT1-A and the Blue Spark make this mic useless to me.

- Features that stand out: Better fidelity than some well regarded dynamic mics at a very low cost.

- What I don't Like: Sound quality is less impressive when compared against other LDCs.

- Similar products used: Rode NT1a and Blue Spark.

Sold this mic after getting the Blue Spark/NT1-A.

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