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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product Review: Emu 0404 usb 2.0

- Sound quality: Well, looking at the specs you might expect great sound, but in this category it is a let down. I searched long and hard to find a USB I/O, comparing specs and reviews I had high hopes for this one. When I got it I was a bit underwhelmed and figured that it was probably just as good as it gets. I couldn't here the difference between it and my MacBook's built-in ones. I thought it was a testament to the MacBook's SQ! The pre amps have lot of gain--IF you don't mind a lot of noise! Well, that's not HiFi. I'm sure they are doing some cherry picking on their specs.  The headphone output is not the most powerful either.

- Reliability / Durability: It's all plastic, the pots feel cheap, and the jacks are all loose. It hasn't broken yet, but it's felt like it could go at any moment since I bought it.

- Would you buy this again if it were stolen?: No--I'll give it away.

- Features that stand out: It has a lot of great numbers posted on the website.

- What I don't like: The cheap feel and the poor sound quality. They also wouldn't update their drivers to work with the newer operating system. Hopefully they have by now.

- Similar products used: The Focusrite Sapphire 6 USB

I still have this hanging around. People who've heard it next to the Focusrite wouldn't take it for free. They'd rather spend $200 on the Focusrite.

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