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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product Review: Blue Spark microphone

- Sound quality: I really like this mic. It just has a balanced tone and fairly low noise. Compared to my Rode NT1a, it doesn't go as deep in the bass range or as high in the treble. Still its tone is balance and extended enough to cover an acoustic guitar and most people's vocal with a fair degree of accuracy. Its cardioid pattern is not as tight as my PR20, but has enough rejection for studio use. Attached below is its on axis graph with the focus button on and off provided by Recording Hacks. The Focus just seems to reduce the low end which can help reduce rumble. Notice it also is a low noise mic, though it doesn't seem to be as low as the NT1a. It's still very useful and sensitive enough for quiet instruments.

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- Reliability / Durability: Very well made mic. It's heavy and solid with a decent shock mount and a beautiful wooden case. Seems to be a league ahead of the NT1a in this regard.

- Would you buy this again if it were stolen?: I would. In fact I have 2 just in case something happens to one in a clutch and so I can do some stereo recordings. I got them for $159 on sale. That seems to be what they are commonly available for at the time of this review.

- Features that stand out: The best part about this mic is that it seems ideal for the one person and his/her guitar. The response, sensitivity, and low noise make that its ideal use.

- What I don't Like: The pop filter looks nice, but isn't particularly useful. It certainly doesn't muffle the sound though. If you get the older version, the shock mount was poorly built. They sent me a new replacement and it is fine, but still not as nice as some spider mount style ones. I can't say it's given me any problems though.

- Similar products used: Rode NT1a and Samson C01.

This is my most used mic in my collection. That says it all.

Here's a couple 1 track recordings made with this mic:

 Just Listen Before I go by dantheman-10 

 Hat and Wife Blues by dantheman-10 

 Voodoo Chile(slight bass boost) by dantheman-10 

Voodoo Chile was done on an iPod w/ a battery powered pre.

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