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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product Review: Røde NT1-A

- Sound quality: This mic has some outstanding features--it has a wide frequency range and extremely low noise. Recording my vocals tend to sound too bright dead on. When turned 45 degrees or more, it takes the edge off an produces a more neutral tone. I tend to hear this same brightness on other's vocal tracks as well. There are plenty of mods available for this mic and that's likely d/t the fact that the circuitry produces so little noise. Here's the Graph from Recording Hacks:
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To me it seems to sound brighter than the graph would indicate which has been suggested is d/t time domain response issues caused by the protective grill. 

- Reliability / Durability: This mic is definitely lighter and doesn't feel as solid as the Blue Spark. I haven't had any troubles with it however. It's build quality is closer to my old Samson C01. It comes with a very good shock mount, pop filter, and mic socks that allow you to leave it on the stand and not get dusty. It's very well thought out. The carrying bag is not a rugged way to protect these for transport however.

- Would you buy this again if it were stolen?: Maybe... I like this mic b/c it's about as quiet as a good preamp and it does sound great many times. It just isn't my go to mic. I imagine I'd miss it if it were gone at times.

- Features that stand out: The low noise and the wide frequency response!

- What I don't like: The general brightness on axis.

- Similar products used: Blue Spark and Samson C01

This mic has some nice features and is definitely useful, but the sibilant brightness needs tamed for my vocals in general.

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