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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Product Review: Dayton EMM-6 measurement microphone

- Sound quality:  Well, this is a mixed bag.  Technically this is a measurement microphone and really wasn't designed to record with.  However, the response is of course very flat and the mic sounds extremely natural.  The catch is the signal to noise ratio(I think).  There's a lot of noise in this mic and it requires you to bump the pre amp up to loud and thus it easily overloads and distorts with ease making recording very difficult.  I have a theory though that all these SDCs will have a better transients and High Frequency response d/t this little diaphragm that's lightweight.  The size is smaller than the wavelength of the highest frequency we hear and will cause less audible diffraction/reflection of the high frequency content that makes its way onto the recording.  I think this all contributes to the naturalness of small diaphragm mics.  Too bad they all seem to generate a lot of noise as well.

- Reliability / Durability:  It seems well made and sturdy.  Remarkably so for this money.

- Would you buy this again if it were stolen?:  Probably not.  All measurement microphones need calibrated anyway so I'd probably get a higher end SDC and calibrate it.  That would be more useful for recording and could measure just as well or even better.

- Features that stand out:  Price/performance.  $40 is not a lot of money to pay for this mic.  It will capture a very natural sound as well, but it's still not a very good recording mic.

- Similar products used:  Sound Professionals binaural mics.

No real complaints about this for its cost.


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