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Friday, August 26, 2011

Large Driver Cone Treatement

the Eminence Delta ProA.

Yes, their response graph is optimistic.

Prior to any treatment, the one's polar response looked like this:

I didn't do the other one out of sheer laziness.
After one round of stiffening and surround damping treatment I got these:

after the next round those went to these respectively:

another round makes

into this:

and this:

into this:

Time elapse on these showed similar results, but I didn't save the graphs or the drivers.


  1. Good stuff, Dan! I really like the results.
    Anything that knocks down the breakup and improves polars for just a little time pocket change is a BIG deal!

    Subjectively, is the loss in midbass sensitivity noticeable? (Obviously, "rated" sensitivity will take a hit when the breakup is removed - perfectly okay if Hi-fidelity is the goal).

    Just to clarify: You just stiffened the cone, and damped only the surround, correct?
    Also, have you experimented with treating both sides of cone and surround, or front only?

    -- Tubamark

  2. Thanks Mark.

    Efficiency loss didn't seem to hurt and was minimal. Maybe for pro audio duty it wouldn't be desirable, but for home I couldn't see a problem. The little drivers took a much bigger hit in efficiency than these did.

    Yea, I just stiffened the cone and damped the surround on these. On the surround I only damped the front b/c of difficulties of getting to the back side. On the cone stiffening I did both front and back.

    Hope that helps,