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Friday, August 26, 2011

Cone Treatments Demonstrated To Work (Damping)

OK, here's a super cheap FRer's polar response from 11.25 degrees to 90 degrees in 11.25 degree steps straight out of the box:

Then I teated the surround with Aleene’s® Flexible Stretchable™ :

That was more change than I had expected--and for the better!  So I tried again:

Notice that the rim resonance is down 6dB from the original after just 2 treatments!  I though it could get no better, but figured what the heck, throw another slab on. This time I also added some yellow glue around the rim of the cone:

Another improvement so I did the same again:

OK, so in many respects this one is starting to look worse.  I figured there was still a change and I should now just see where it goes.  I didn't want to see worse again, so I didn't add any more yellow glue to the rim and damped the whole cone.

and again:

and yet again:

That's where I stopped for a listen.

I'll follow this up.


  1. Very interesting stuff. Makes me want to give it a shot some time, with the JBL Aquaplas stuff:


  2. Thanks Granteed! I wonder how heavy that stuff is?