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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making a Polar Response graph

OK, so how do I make all these polar graph? Good question. (ha ha) No seriously, I have a 4' by 4' piece of plywood that has a huge circle on it. That circle has a line that bisects it every 11.25 degrees. I place a speaker stand with an 2 line bisecting it at 90 degrees like an "X" overtop of the plywood so that one line integrates with the "0" and "180" degree mark and the other line integrates with the "90" and "270" degree mark. Line up the mic with the "0" to "180" degree line, set your level to a sensible range, and take an impulse or FR measurement using whatever method you have available. I use my MacBook, EMU 0404 USB, and a calibrated mic with Room EQ Wizard(A free program available at the Pro Audio Shack known as REW). After taking that "0" degree measurement, turn the speaker/stand to the next mark over and continue until you reach 90 degrees. Of course you can go further........ that's up to you and I encourage it. To manipulate the graphs into something more useful, see my previous post in this blog.

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