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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sound Audyssey

Since I nursed my bass issue back to health, I decided to have another go round with Audyssey and see where it could lead me.  I did a basic 3 measurement calibration at ear level for each seat on my couch.

My prior bass graphs:
Black Lines are the most recent

So after Audyssey did it's thing, my listening couch graph(s) look like this:

Not bad, but a significant hole centered at 68Hz and audibly a little bass shy.  That's not exactly acceptable to me.  SO I did a little fiddling with it to see what I could come up with using the unit's EQ.  Check it out:
So the hole moved up a few Hz and filled in a bit.  Here's the 1/6octave smoothed (for clarity) overlay:

Oh, I restored the treble back to the speaker's natural response.

The receiver's default setting uses Audyssey's Dynamic Volume.  So I took measurements of it's default setting as well:

Some other Audyssey settings with Dynamic Volume engaged:

The Black lines bypass Audyssey on the left/right channels

You can see that even though the microphone was in a very close position on all 5 measurements (each one had the microphone position marked), the measurements are significantly different above the modal/transition zone(s).  Just more eveidence that there is no ideal "room curve".  So calibrating above the transition zone seems futile.

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