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Monday, February 27, 2012

Earthworks M23

- Sound quality:  Amazing.  It sounds more like the thing it's recording than any microphone I've used.  If it had character, it would be "clear and honest."  It does have more noise than my LDC mics, but also has greater sensitivity.  The response graph that came with mine outperforms its spec and is essentially flat to 39kHz.  It does waiver +/-1dB.  The QTC series is dead flat, but I can't say that would make a whole lot of difference as there is no 'absolute sound' of any instrument.

- Reliability / Durability:  Seems to be the best built mic I have.  It screams quality.

- Would you buy this again if it were stolen?:  Yep--or maybe one of the more expensive Earthworks.  I've just never heard a mic this revealing of the source's nature.

- Features that stand out:  Clarity/detail.  It also seems to handle sibilants really well.  As a measurement mic, it needs no calibration below 700Hz and outperforms my other measurement mic in the low end(and the high end).  My other one is only calibrated to 20Hz.  This one produces the same curve, but goes to 9Hz and w/o a calibration curve.

- What I don't like:  High(ish) self noise vs. cheaper LDC.  Better than my other SDC for sure.

You can hear it used on every track barring the electric guitar here:

 The Rooster Crows by dantheman-10

 Bull By Its Horns 1 by dantheman-10

Even recorded the bass with it.

- Similar products used:  Dayton EMM-6

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  1. Thanks - I was looking for a review of the earthworks m series for recording music (rather than for measurement) as they are cheaper than the qtc series but the specs seem very similar.